Hakikat (Nagra Live) by Marry Nagra

Album: Hakikat (Nagra Live)

Artist: Marry Nagra

Tracks: 14

Uploaded on: 1-1-2018

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Track List
Badnami (Marry Nagra)
Giddron Sher (Marry Nagra)
Intro (Marry Nagra)
Kabaddi (Marry Nagra)
Laash (Marry Nagra)
Maa (Marry Nagra)
Mohali (Marry Nagra)
Mutiyaran Giddha Paundiyan (Marry Nagra)
Night Shiftan (Marry Nagra)
Paapan Da Dhann (Marry Nagra)
Pind Di Panchayat (Marry Nagra)
Sharab (Marry Nagra)
Shehar Di Kudi (Marry Nagra)
Soormey (Marry Nagra)

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